The Simplest Content Tracking Solution
Unlock real-time Email, Web Post, Link, and PDF metrics to guide your audience engagement, content strategy, and overall digital marketing approach.
Get Analytics for any Web Post, Email, Link, or PDF shared, no Plugins Required
Beak helps you track your posts' views with a simple line of code added to the body of your post. No downloading of annoying plug-ins or other interfaces, just copy and paste and we'll track your progress.
Analyze Tracker Campaign Views in Real-time
Using various metrics, charts, and statistical comparisons you can see how your post is!.
Track your Highest Performing Content to Help Improve your Strategies
See how your most successful campaigns measure up and help you determine your best approach.
Optimize future Emails, Web Posts, Link or PDF shares by Knowing the Locations of your Audience
Track where your viewership is located anywhere in the country and even the world. You'll be able to build your best strategies by accomodating your audience.
Generate Custom Reports, and Access Raw Data
Export the data we have collected for use in your own reports, allowing you to glean further insight and meet your specific needs.